Are you more then a regular chatter in the lobby chat? Do you feel that you want to stand out more then the regular users in the lobby? We now offer a VIP package for users in the lobby  giving them more trustworthy options. The VIP staus is for users that feel UsaChatNow lobby chat is the best chat site on the internet. VIP may not be for everyone! VIP can be abused by users if we handed them out free. This is why we are charging a $100.00 donation for the option of VIP. The VIP status will give you options like uploading pictures and YouTube videos in the chat rooms. You'll also be able to add any jpg, gif or bmp image to your avatar by your name in the user list. We are also adding the feature to where you'll be able to design your name in the user list. For example you'll be able to make your fonts in neon, sparkles, blinkies and etc. Each VIP member will get a special VIP icon by there name letting all users know they are VIP. Everything new added from this point to the lobby chat will part of your VIP package.We will continually add new features to your VIP status. This package only applies to the lobby, not the voice chat. VIP is a one time lifetime fee. There is no renewal. Vip is per user name, so VIP is for one account only. If you have several accounts and you want VIP for each of them, its a 50.00 donations each. You will be able to make this payment by clicking the Paypal donation button on this page. If you do not have pay pal and want to use just a credit card there is an option that says don't have pay pal click here to pay with credit card. Also there will be NO REFUNDS on any donation made to this site.

Rules of VIP

1. No posting of any nudity.

2. No posting pictures of anything that would be considered R rated.

Breaking any of these rules will result in you losing your VIP with no refund.

Please include your user name in the description of your pal pal payment





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