Online safety

Being online can be risky business if you aren't sure how to protect yourself in chat rooms. Learning to protect yourself can be as easy as 123. Giving out your personal information to people is the number one reason for people having problems. If someone ask you questions about where you live or what is your phone number, you should always respond to them with no. Users only find out information that you give out. If you find yourself waking up in the wee hours of the morning to a prank call it's because you gave your phone number out to the wrong person. The less you talk about your personal life the less people will know about you. No matter how convincing someone can be just say no. If this person persists report them to a moderator. You should never meet someone in person no matter what they or anyone tells you. There is a million horror stories that started with meeting someone from online in person. Do yourself a favor and keep your online life online. These are the most important rules to protecting your safety

1. Never give out personal information.

2. Choose a nickname that isn't your real name. ( Make sure the name is non-offensive)

3. Do not accept any files for download from any users.

4. Never meet anyone from online in person.

5. Don't allow yourself to participate in any chat room drama and report any chat bullying.

6. Report all problems to a moderator.

7. Avoid any topics that make you feel uncomfortable.

Following these rules will prevent any identity theft and allow you to have a great time in the chat rooms.


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