If you feel you were wrongly banned please email support at usachatnow@live.com

For tech support please call  1-717-331-2599

Problems getting confirmation email?  Answer: There is no confirmation email.

If your having problems joining the room and seem to be getting disconnected Reset your modem

How to use voice chat in the lobby chat? Answer: You must use either google chrome or firefox in order for it to work.

How to send a private message? Answer: Highlight there name then click the  at the bottom of the user list or just double click the name and a box will appear.

How to view profile? Answer: Only registered members can view profiles. Highlight the user name and click the  icon at the bottom of the list.

How to register? Answer: To sign up you go to register and fill out the profile. Once the profile is completed hit submit. You'll come to a log in screen, just log in. You will be prompted for a pay pal payment. If you don't have pay pal there is an option you use a credit card through pay pal. This is a lifetime membership which covers you in the lobby chat and the cam chat.

Sometimes you must disable your pop-ups to view profiles and emoticons and also to whisper another person in the room. This case is not likely a problem for those with the newer windows.

If anyone has any problems with this site please contact admin @ UsaChatNow@aol.com

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