Chat room Abbreviations

Learning this chat lingo is very important for understanding what users are saying to you while your in chat. Below you will find all the abbreviations needed to help you in your chat room experience.

LOL / Laughing out loud

lmao / laughing my a** off

brb / Be right back

omg / oh my god

asap / as soon as possible

j/k / just kidding

bbl / be back later

l8r / later

ltns / long time no see

oic / oh I see

wb / welcome back

jmo / just my opinion

asl / age,sex,location

bbiab / be back in a bit

afk / away from keyboard

diku / do I know you

g2g / got to go

idn / I don't know

m/f / male or female

wtf / what the f**k

hb / hurry back

tc / take care

gr8 / great

plz / please

rof / rolling on floor

ttfn / ta ta for now

idn / I don't know

ltr / long term relationship

sol / sh*t out of luck

tgif / thank god it's friday

wtg / way to go

yw / your welcome

imo / In my opinion

fyi / for your information

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