Welcome everyone to the chat of all chat sites. Mostly every chat site out there is just drama, spam and childhood antics. You won't deal with any of that here. Were like going out to bar except your in the privacy of your own home. This site has been around for several years and still growing strong. If you like hanging out and getting to know quality people, THIS site is for you!

Welcome to our home

For those of you that are new to this, let me explain what we our all about. This site is designed for people that are bored of the usual chat rooms to be able to come here and meet people without being charged some expensive price just to socialize. We have several different memberships to choose from. Our main chat offers a free 100% free chat. We our a community of awesome people that has parties,grill outs,camping trips and many other events. If you want to be a part of something fun whether to make friends or meet someone special then you've come to the right place. 

To report abuse please send an email to UsaChatNow@aol.com

We also have a facebook.

Well i hope everyone loves this room and makes this the place to chat



How To Become A USA Chat Now Chatter

Creating  a profile is a way for other chat site users find you and get to know you. If you feel comfortable, use a picture of you on your profile. If not, then use a picture of your cat or dog or anything else that represents you.

When you are stating facts about yourself, do not lie. This is a way to get banned and will be a huge turnoff to users on the site. Tell your real sexual orientation and age.  If you do not like giving out your information, this is fine. Only give out what you are comfortable with. This shows users you are a private person and you will be respected for that.

When you register in our chat rooms, you have to choose a nic or nickname. This name will say who you are. Something original and unique will be a great conversation piece. You are not allowed to use anything that is sexually explicit, sexually discriminating, or any other discriminatory references.

When you are in a chat room, everything on your profile and other items are a representation of you. Choosing a color and font you like and staying with it, will make easier on users. These users are reading your chats. So, when they get to know you, they will know what to look for. Also, the font should be no larger than 4 or 14.

When a user comes into a chat room, always have manners and greet them. After all, they are members just like you. This is why we are a community of people that become family. Having a great first impression, other users will let their family and friends know who you are. Never be afraid to start a conversation.  Just be considerate and polite. If you respect the users, they will respect you back.

While learning our chat system, go to a quiet room and not a busy one. Play with emotes to see what they can do. Do not use the Whisper feature unless you ask the person first. This is a private one on one chat.

Avoiding Confrontation

It is against the rules to bully and say sexist or racist remarks.

Watch your tone of voice. This can cause a confrontation. If a confrontation arises, just use tact and grace. If you do not and act rude back, then you can get kicked out and temporarily banned yourself

.We also suggest no politics or religous talk, theres just to many views and opinions that could cause arguments and even fights

Let a monitor know immediately if you are being harassed or followed from a chat room to another chat room.

Sometimes users have a bad day and come in being negative or insulting. They may not actually be looking for a fight. Just act mature. Try to lighten things up to get their mind into  a better mood.

Use the ignore button if someone is insulting you. They will leave you alone and go elsewhere.

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