We are having our first Meet and greet party ever. This Friday November 4th at 8pm in the voice chat me (Tearsarefallen) and Whitedragon are hosting party that is going to be very interactive for all users attending. If you are single this is your chance to meet that someone special or if your married or with someone meet new friends. I advise everyone to attend this because this will be a social event that will go down in usachatnow history. We have alot planned for this night and we plan on making this a night to remember. Me and dragon are going to remain hush hush about what is actually going to happen but do promise everyone that attends will be involved. This party will something new to the site and were very excited about this and we hope that everyone attends this. We have taken several weeks in planning this and decided we would announce this 3 days prior to the party. This is a don't miss event!!! If you are going to attend please leave a comment. Thanks everyone and looking fwd to seeing you there.
Ok so what I found interesting is that in the chat room when I talked about this topic Americans were so adament on having guns and a lot refused to see another point of view so I just wanted to write a blog about this whole debate on the right to bear arms.

In my opinion a society without guns is easier to control than a society with guns. Now I come from Ireland and our police force dont even carry arms except for a few undercover detectives which amounts to about 3,000. I think if the police were to have guns then of course people are going to want guns so I like it the way it is. And of course there are some people who always find ways to get guns like those involved in drug crime who just do not care about the law. Most people however do not hold any arms in their home. I also disagree with Irish farmers having guns - they have them to shoot foxes because in the countryside the foxes eat their chickens or something but anyway I don't think they should interfere with nature. Anyway if a gun was in my house I would feel less safe and maybe you can't understand that but that is just the way it goes here.

Don't get me wrong I know most of you will say you want to protect yourselves from criminals with guns but do you really not think your gun laws need to be polished up a bit. I read that 18 year olds could buy a gun? Yet you have to be 21 to gamble? And like is it compulsory to get some gun training ?

Anyway I am just trying to understand this - every country has their own culture I just find it interesting at how much Americans feel having a gun is a right..anyone have any comments?
Rules and Treatment
Posted October 22, 2010 by E2121
I am writing this blog to inform any new users that may come in to this chat room and are reading this about my experience at this site. Hopefully I can give a clear perspective of things without personal reasons getting in the way. Also, since they will probably read this blog and delete it, along with this account, I hope I will get everything that is needed to be said. I WAS a member here for over 3 years until recently when the owners and admins/mods decided they wanted to change the rules of the chat room. Apparently, I did something that I shouldn’t have, even though they didn’t really give me a fair warning. Yes they do look down on you if you go to another chat room for whatever STUPID reason that is. I entered the chat room and boom, I was banned without a reason from the Admin that was in there (StrGaze45). She may or may not have been the one that banned me but that doesn’t matter. The point is I feel that I have been used and betrayed by not only her but other members of this chat site. Over the years I have noticed drastic changes in the way things were run. People were let off the hook when they shouldn’t have and others were banned for no reason or any fair warnings. This site, the people that run and operate it, only care about themselves and NOT others. I feel I had done nothing wrong to violate the rules of the chat room, although I do have an idea as to why they did it. As I mentioned earlier, evidently going to talk to others in other chat rooms and having a freedom of speech is not a right in here. Yet, this reason is NOT outlined in the new rules that they have decided to FORCE upon the chatters in the Voice Chat. I never spammed the room or told anyone else about another chat room. Others have voiced their disprovals of these new rules, yet nothing happened to them. Some have even begged and pled to stay in the room, which is not fair. If I wasn’t given a second chance, why should others? Just because they tend to kiss the authorities ass to get what they want? To sum this all up, if you are thinking about joining this site, just know that you will be used and betrayed in many ways that you never thought were possible. People can be very conniving and vindictive in here, just to get what they want. They will tell you one thing but then turn around and stab you in the back. Just be careful and DON’T take this room serious at all. As for the rest that are already members here, some of you I thank you for your friendship and loyalty, as I will never get to talk to you again because of this dumb incident. Anyone of great importance know where to find me to talk. Others in here, I will not miss you at all due to the ways you have treated not only me but others who have come and gone over the years. I hope you think about the stupid crap that is going on and live with the guilt of ruining others’ fun just to get what you selfishly want.
How it all started.
Posted August 11, 2008 by TearsAreFallen

I am finally writing a blog and have decided to write one telling how all my sites started. It all started in 2000-01 when I discovered msn chat rooms. There they had a Wisconsin chat room called Wisconsin Hideaway. I jumped into the mix of things and started meeting people from Wisconsin which I am from. After a month or two I decided to create another chat room mainly because the hosts that ran Wisconsin hideaway sucked and booted for bad reasons. It didn't take very long and the room which I called Wisconsin Naughty But Nice became number 1. We had camping parties, grill outs, bar parties and etc. It started to become my second home. My place to vent, meet cool people and just overall a good time. We stayed the number 1 Wisconsin chat room until MSN started to charge its members to chat. Now at the time I thought the 20.00 a year wasn't a bad price. Unfortunately everyone else did. So at this time our user base was cut in half because of the msn change. But we carried on any ways, up until one day I was like I wonder how difficult it would be to created a chat site. So at this point I started to investigate. I looked everywhere and there wasn't really any options and the costs were ridiculous. At this point I was like forget it...not going to pay all this money for what I called a not very good chat room. One day a buddy of mine indroduced me to web designed with php experience and I discussed my ideas with him and my all in all vision. From this point fwd Wisconsin chat now started. Thats exactly what started it all was the Wisconsin chat. Now I was thinking this wasn't going to cost to much; boy was i wrong. I spent thousands getting what most of you know as the lobby created. I wanted something different, something that didn't require a download to enter. Anyways thousands of dollars later out came the chat room. The only chat room of its kind. OK so here I am with Wisconsinchatnow being number 1 under all wisconsin chat keywords in google and the site was still dead. Boy was I thinking what a waste. So I went back to the drawing board and decided why make this just a wisconsin chat, why not make this a world chat or better yet a usa chat. Not alot of people were for this idea. They wanted to keep it just a wisconsin chat. I decided against it and purchased the domain UsaChatNow.com. That was the easy part. The hard part was getting it out there and getting people to know about it. Now this was the part that took my investment from between 10,000 to 12,000 up to 25,000 to 30,000 thousand dollars. Now most of you are prolly thinking screw that but I am what you call an overachiever. If you say it cant be done I will do it anyways. I am about doing what most would say would be impossible. So anyways I'm spending thousands on advertising to get the word out for UsaChatNow.com and another idea came to mind. I wanted cams and audio. I wanted more then just a music chat. So I searched and searched and searched and finally came up with the cam chat that most of you know as CamChatNow. What a great Idea it turned out to be. The chat room is very smooth and the cams are crisp. Its a favorite among the users. Now as most of you already know the site is very popular. We have thousands of users and we are ranking number 1 on google. All in all it has paid off. I have met some very wonderful people in the mix of all this. One thing is though I have been asked time and time again if I had to do this all over would you? The answer is NO. Why do you ask? Well when i first started off in this I was thinking the most this idea and vision was going to cost me would anywhere from 300 to 600 dollars... HA. I say all in all I have invested over 35,000 in the sites.I am thinking that price answers the ?'s as to why I wouldn't. All in all I am glad I did it and wouldn't trade it for anything. This site has great people. And always know this I will never charge any of you for any of the services I offer. That is my promise to you P.S. The reason I did not mention Voice chat is because it is to new to be a part of the story.

voice chat
Posted August 21, 2009 by mohammad-saadi

Hi, does anybody know how to log into voice chat? I registered there more than once but I could never log in.

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