Posted November 2, 2011 by TearsAreFallen
We are having our first Meet and greet party ever. This Friday November 4th at 8pm in the voice chat me (Tearsarefallen) and Whitedragon are hosting party that is going to be very interactive for all users attending. If you are single this is your chance to meet that someone special or if your married or with someone meet new friends. I advise everyone to attend this because this will be a social event that will go down in usachatnow history. We have alot planned for this night and we plan on making this a night to remember. Me and dragon are going to remain hush hush about what is actually going to happen but do promise everyone that attends will be involved. This party will something new to the site and were very excited about this and we hope that everyone attends this. We have taken several weeks in planning this and decided we would announce this 3 days prior to the party. This is a don't miss event!!! If you are going to attend please leave a comment. Thanks everyone and looking fwd to seeing you there.
carrie wrote at November 3, 2011
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I will be there but I have to figure what time is it here then...
Dementia wrote at November 2, 2011
1 Vote
Seeya there.
darkangeljanie wrote at November 2, 2011
1 Vote
Kajagoogoo-you're too shy shy hush hush eye to eye.

summer waugh wrote at November 2, 2011
1 Vote
i would so be there but ill be at work doing enemas or something fun like that
summer waugh
TearsAreFallen wrote at November 2, 2011
1 Vote
em4400obviously I am there
Katie wrote at November 2, 2011
1 Vote
I will be there.. looking forward to it.. Smile
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