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If you are someone that loves to have lot of company around you all the time, you will love social networking websites. At times, it is hard to find people that share the same interests and people that enjoy same things at our work place or at colleges so we will be left without company. If you are finding yourself without company then you can easily find new friends in social networking sites like USAChatNow.com.

Social networking sites serve as meeting place for thousands of people. People from any part of the world can connect to you in these sites. Distance is no barrier so you can easily find company here. When you want to pick the right social networking site to spend your spare time, do not choose your social networking site randomly. Use some of the following guidelines to choose your social networking site.

There are different types of social networking sites. Choose a social networking site that meets to your needs. If you are looking for a platform to find new friends and have fun with them in free chat rooms then USAchatnow.com is the best place for you. Secondly, make sure that the social network that you are joining has some decent membership count. If you are going to join a brand new social networking website that is not popular, then you will not find enough company. You will only wasting your time signing up in such social networking sites. You can hardly make any new friends in such social networking sites. The main reason why we signup in a social networking site is to find new friends to hangout online and if that need is not going to be met, then there is no fun in joining any social networking sites. On the other hand, if you join a well-established social networking site like USAChatnow.com you can meet new friends everyday because well-established sites get new signups everyday.

The social networking site that you choose should provide you with a number of options to communicate with the other members in the network such as text chat, web cam chat, forum, blog, etc. Only when you have a number of options you can interact with the other members in a meaningful way.

Besides providing you with effective tools of communication, your social networking sites should also have other interactive and useful sections that you can browse. USAChatNow.com has interesting features such as music, video, blog, polls, quizzes etc. Such features will help you keep yourself occupied when you are not really up to chats or other ways of interacting with others. Occasionally we would like to be all by ourselves. Your social networking site should provide you enough options to meet those needs as well so that you will not get bored. Here you can also find free classifieds section where you can post your free ads and browse other free classified ads posted here. Go ahead, signup for your free account and start enjoying all the exciting features.


When we visit free chat rooms, it is a normal practice to hide one’s real identity and take on some pseudo names while chatting with others. One of the main reasons for masking our identity in free chat rooms is that we do not want our privacy compromised. We do not want people calling us up for various reasons. We really do not know about the nature of the person at the other end because they too would probably be masking their identity. We can be interacting with a hardcore sales person that is trying to source leads in chat rooms or it can be just a casual visitor who is looking for company.

When you mask your identity you are indeed protecting your privacy. However, you cannot really build long-term relationship dealing with people using false identity. We ourselves will feel phony. This does not mean that you can be careless about your own privacy and security. On the other hand, as a rule of thumb you may conceal your real identity in general and you can choose to reveal your real identity with some selective chat partners once both of you have established trust. This will ensure your personal safety as well as it will also help you build some lasting relationship in the chat rooms.

As we talk of masking one’s identity in chat rooms, we should also remember that we should not give misleading information about ourselves to others. If they take your words at face value, they will be hoping something different to transpire from your online chat interactions. When they learn that they have been interacting with someone entirely different then they can lose trust in you and you will lose a good friend. 

Very often people think that online chats are just for casual pastime and not really for building long-term relationships. Therefore, they think anything will do; they do not really care about with whom they are interacting or what they tell about themselves. Though such an approach will be exciting for a while, you are very likely to get bored after sometime. To avoid reaching such a stage, you should also have some good online chat friends so that you will have some company.

Online chat rooms can be a great source of fun and they will keep you coming back for more. However, you need to get something worthwhile out of your chat room interactions online. So the next time you enter a chat room, try to find a good partner. When you choose to reveal your real identity to someone, you need not tell everything about yourself; it is enough to share some basic details that will help you have a more meaningful conversations.

While interacting with others in the chat rooms, you do not expect the other person to share everything about themselves. You should also learn to discuss some impersonal topics that will keep your chat room interactions exciting.

Video Phones vs. Webcam Chat
Posted August 13, 2009 by TearsAreFallen

With the latest mobile technology, mobile broadband 3G, and 4G internet connections make video calls possible today. Video conferencing through mobile  phone has become a reality today. Will this latest technology overthrow webcam chats and online chat rooms? Mobile phones with video conferencing facility may have a number of advantages such as the ability to have video conferencing anytime. But at the same time, it is not without a number of drawbacks when compared to webcam chats.

One of the most important factors is the cost factor. First of all mobile phones with video conferencing capabilities and with 3G or 4G features are going to cost you a lot of money and not everyone can afford to have a phone that has very limited usage as compared to one’s laptop or desktop PC. Secondly, even if one can afford to have a mobile phone with all the features required for video calls, the cost involved in making calls is very high. Today, the mobile call tariffs are constantly increasing and if one has to make international calls it will certainly burn huge holes in one’s pocket. This is certainly a luxury limited to a very few. This is not the case with webcam chats. Almost every household has a computer or laptop and the cost of the computers is gradually reducing. Secondly, the cost of the internet connection too is becoming more and more affordable. Irrespective of the fact whether we use online chat rooms or not, most of us already have an internet connection and making use of the already available internet connection is only getting the best value for our money.

Online chat rooms with webcam does not cost us anything. We can enjoy 24hours of webcam chat without having to worry about our bills. If we have a laptop, we can make use of the online webcam chats anywhere we like as the number of wifi zones in the country is increasing gradually. It does not cost us anything even if we have to interact with someone overseas.

It may be much easier to have webcam chats rather than having a video conferencing. Webcam chat allows both text chat as well as voice chats. This makes the entire chat session all the more interesting because we have more than one option to interact with the other person. Sending files over chats is much easier and faster as opposed to sending files across mobile phones through video calls. Unless the one’s phone has required document viewers one will be able to view the documents received. This is not the case with webcam chats. A wide range of file formats can be shared in a click of button.

These are just some of the advantages of webcam chats. As we can see, webcam chats have more advantages than video phone calls. So it certainly cannot overthrow webcam chats though video phones have their own advantages. On the whole, webcam chats are more versatile and that is what makes them more popular.


There are hundreds of online community sites and more such sites are being launched as online community sites get good response from people. Though there are many online communities, not all of them are worth considering. There are only a few good online community sites online. If you are thinking of registering in one of the online community sites, you must make sure that you do not waste your time with poor quality sites. Here are some traits of a good online community site that will help you pick your online community.

Your online community site should be easy for use. This is one of the most important factors to consider. The online community site that you are choosing to spend your time online should not be too complicated. Most of the time, we will be coming to the online community sites after a tiring day or hectic weak and during such times we will not prefer to use a community site that will tire of brain further. Your community website should have very clear navigation so that you can reach all the pages easily without having to go through a long process every time you need to access something.
The second important factor is that your online community site should have a very simple signup process. The signup form should not ask you for too many details.
You should have the option to add your photo or image of your choice to your profile, which should be displayed along with your profile. This will help people recognize you faster as they may not be able to remember the profile names of all the people that they are interacting.
Your online community site should have a large membership. Poorly populated online communities can be boring because you may not be able to find people that share the same interests that easily. If the online community site should have a large membership, then it will be much easier to find people that share the same interests easily.
 The social networking sites or online community sites collect our contact details and basic information that are of personal nature. As they have all these vital information, they can easily spam our inboxes with marketing mails. There are number of online community websites already doing this. It is therefore important that the online community site that you are choosing does not spam you. They must have a privacy policy by which they should abide. The information that you are supplying them should not be misused. So make sure that you do not become a victim of spamming.
Above all, the online community site that you are using should be a safe website. Online security is very important and it should never be compromised. So pick an online community site that does not have any safety issues.
By paying attention to these basic factors, you will be able to easily identify a good online community site like USA Chat Now.


Online chat rooms are one of the best places to meet new people and to make new friends. However, not all of us may be equally successful in making new friends and in making that friendship last longer. Often it becomes like a one-night stand, it becomes just a one-time interaction and the next time it is a different set of people. Though this might be interesting and exciting in the beginning after sometime it may get bored, as we cannot simply survive on acquaintances we also need stable friends with whom we can share our interests and concerns.

Here are few tips on building new friendships through online chat rooms that will last long. One of the factors that you should avoid in online chat rooms is to chat with too many people at the same time and have multiple chat windows open at the same time. When we do this we are bound to send wrong messages in the wrong windows. What we have to remember is that all of us like to feel important when we send wrong messages in someone else’s window the other person comes to know that they are not the only person that you are talking to and that you are chatting with multiple people at the same time. This will indicate to them clearly you are not really keen on that somebody and about their interest. They think that you are in the chat room just to while away your time and not for serious friendship.

If you really want to build lasting friendship, then you must try to limit the number of chats and concentrate on someone who seems to appeal to you. Similarly, there may be others who could be doing this to you and chatting with many people at the same time. If that happens to you, you must try to avoid spending such people if you need a lasting friendship and look for someone else. If you are out just for fun, then there is no harm engaging in a chat with people who deal with multiple chat windows at the same time. However, you should not make your decisions solely based on this factor because there are other factors that you need to consideration before quitting on someone.

The next important factor to be taken into consideration when we want to establish lasting friendships is that you should try to find people in the relevant chat rooms if you are looking for teen friends, it is best to look for them in the teen chat room. You must also make sure that the other person also shares the same or similar interests so that you will have something to talk about when you meet online. If you do not share any common area of interest, you may not have anything interesting to discuss just after the initial pleasantries.

When you do find someone who appeals to you and shares your interests, do not shoot too many personal questions and this may make the other person shy away from you. Wait until the other person feels comfortable to share their personal information with you. This will go a long way in establishing lasting friendships online.

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