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Today every business faces a tremendous competition and recession for its part is making the game all the more difficult. One of the most important factors to be successful in one’s business is to have hot contacts. Every successful business person knows the importance of having resourceful contacts. We can gain resourceful contacts that will help us make a difference in our business is through business networking. Business networking can be done at various levels using various methods. A seasoned business person will make use of every possible tool that is at his or her disposal. One of the unconventional internet tools that is becoming increasingly popular in business networking is online chat rooms.

Some of us might be wondering whether people of substance will use online free chat rooms. If that is your question, you will be surprised to learn that lot of people from various profile use online free chat rooms because it is one of the most effective and fastest tools of communication. As much as you are desperate for contacts they too are looking for prospective contacts and in their efforts to acquire those contacts they will leave no stone unturned and that is what makes them successful in their business.

So if you are looking for serious business networking through free chat rooms, you must find social networking sites that have a good membership levels. Here, you will certainly be finding useful people that you can add to your list of friends. In your profile you can indicate what types of friends you are interested in and your areas of specialization. When there are similar people who are looking for networking contacts, they will get in touch with you. Though you may not be able to get hundreds of contacts in a single week, you will certainly see the number of contacts in your business networking database increasing gradually.

When you do signup for your free account in social networking sites, make sure that you do not give too much of personal information because this can be misused at times. There are a number of unscrupulous people out there who can misuse our identity. So be discreet at the same time give the online community with the necessary information so that your profile will interest them. You will realize soon that it is not only through expensive business dinners you can get your contacts but also through simple and free tools can get you equally useful contacts.

A word of caution while trying to expand your network through free chat rooms; don’t try to nag people with your messages. Some of them come to free chat rooms thinking that they will not be disturbed with the sales people and marketing professionals. They join free chat rooms just to relax and chill out and if you are going to harass them with your networking motives, you are more likely to become very unpopular in the chat rooms. Therefore, be subtle but persistent with your networking efforts in the chat rooms and you will see success.


Whenever we think of free chat rooms the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is just meant for fun and free time. One of the reasons for this is that most of us visit chat rooms only when we have some time to spare. So we often associate online chat to a free time activity and it is not for any serious business. You will be surprised to hear that you can meet a lot of important people and highly profiled people in online chat rooms. Even high profiled people need outlets and not all of them go golfing or visit operas. There are people who prefer to keep to themselves and prefer to be discreet. To such people online free chat rooms give them the required privacy and they don’t have to reveal their true identity. They can remain completely anonymous.

There are lots of chances that you come across someone like that without realizing that you are dealing with a big shot. You can end up hitting a jack pot meeting your wealthy partner. Or you can also meet highly potential leads that can bring in a turning point in your carrier. Therefore, free online chat rooms are not just limited for fun. We can engage in serious business through free online chat rooms. So you never underestimate the potential of free chat rooms.

So the next time you think of free chat rooms don’t think of it as just teen activity. You can even do your business networking with free chat rooms and you will find a lot of prospective leads here. However, you must not try to engage in hardcore selling in these online free chat rooms. If you do so you will lose your reputation in these chat rooms. You can use these online free chat rooms to initiate contacts and once you find that someone can be a prospective lead for your business, you can gradually take your chat friendship to the next level.

You can also find a lot of people who are looking for serious relationship besides flirting. So don’t think that online free chat rooms as just a place to flirt. Who knows if you are lucky, you can even find your life’s partner. Here again don’t force yourself on the other person. Respect the other person’s privacy and let the relationship unfold in a natural fashion. Before you rush into form a serious relationship make sure that you understand the other person well so that you don’t feel like a failure in terms of your relationships.

It helps always to go through the profiles of people before initiating contact. This will give you an idea about the person that you are dealing with, their interests. If their interests don’t match with yours, you can save your time by not contacting them and finding someone who suits your taste.

Stop thinking of free chat rooms just for fun and flirting and make the best use of them to enjoy higher benefits.