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When we visit free chat rooms, it is a normal practice to hide one’s real identity and take on some pseudo names while chatting with others. One of the main reasons for masking our identity in free chat rooms is that we do not want our privacy compromised. We do not want people calling us up for various reasons. We really do not know about the nature of the person at the other end because they too would probably be masking their identity. We can be interacting with a hardcore sales person that is trying to source leads in chat rooms or it can be just a casual visitor who is looking for company.

When you mask your identity you are indeed protecting your privacy. However, you cannot really build long-term relationship dealing with people using false identity. We ourselves will feel phony. This does not mean that you can be careless about your own privacy and security. On the other hand, as a rule of thumb you may conceal your real identity in general and you can choose to reveal your real identity with some selective chat partners once both of you have established trust. This will ensure your personal safety as well as it will also help you build some lasting relationship in the chat rooms.

As we talk of masking one’s identity in chat rooms, we should also remember that we should not give misleading information about ourselves to others. If they take your words at face value, they will be hoping something different to transpire from your online chat interactions. When they learn that they have been interacting with someone entirely different then they can lose trust in you and you will lose a good friend. 

Very often people think that online chats are just for casual pastime and not really for building long-term relationships. Therefore, they think anything will do; they do not really care about with whom they are interacting or what they tell about themselves. Though such an approach will be exciting for a while, you are very likely to get bored after sometime. To avoid reaching such a stage, you should also have some good online chat friends so that you will have some company.

Online chat rooms can be a great source of fun and they will keep you coming back for more. However, you need to get something worthwhile out of your chat room interactions online. So the next time you enter a chat room, try to find a good partner. When you choose to reveal your real identity to someone, you need not tell everything about yourself; it is enough to share some basic details that will help you have a more meaningful conversations.

While interacting with others in the chat rooms, you do not expect the other person to share everything about themselves. You should also learn to discuss some impersonal topics that will keep your chat room interactions exciting.

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It is a natural tendency of all of us to look for the best chat room before you start chatting or when you feel like chatting. However, the fact is that there is no chat room that can be called the best chat room. Depending on the likes and dislikes of an individual, a best chat room can be selected for any person. A chat room that would be considered as best for one individual might not suit the other person. Therefore, it completely depends on what a person is expecting from the chats. Many factors would help you in deciding if a chat room is best or not. Again, these factors as well would differ from individual to individual. One important fact that anyone needs to remember about chat rooms is that no chat room has any quality of its own; it just reflects the nature of the people who are participating in the chat in that room. So it becomes essential for you to decide on which type of people you like to chat with and depending on this factor, the chat room can be selected.

One important factor that many people consider a prime factor to decide the quality of a chatting website is the membership requirements. You would easily be able to find out the nature of the chat going on in any chat room by reading the participating rules that are specified in the website. Individuals normally also prefer to know if memberships are paid or free ones as this as well would reflect the quality of the chat. There are different types of chat rooms available all over. There are chat rooms that discuss about politics, sports, business and trade as well. These would be of a matured nature and a good percentage of adults engage in these chats. Business chats are usually very formal and there are literally hundreds of businesses working out through such chat rooms. Therefore, if you wish to start a new business or would like to promote your existing business, chat rooms can be good start for interacting with a bigger group of people.

Another important factor that would help you finding the best chat room would be your age. Depending on the age group you are in, you would be able to find a chat room that would have participants of your age group. Being in the midst of people in the same age group would itself be something very interesting and make your chat experience unforgettable.

There are even chat rooms that offer free advice for life. Mostly adults are seen to be hanging around in the chat rooms where people discuss about their problems and try to get some expert advice. Chat rooms are also available for those who are interested in adult stuff. However, there would be restrictions on age and the rules would differ from one website to the other. In short, best chat rooms are those that would help you in chatting in a safe manner without giving way to any problems.

Uses of Online Chat Rooms
Posted February 16, 2009 by TearsAreFallen

There are millions of people worldwide using online chat rooms. However, not all of them use these chat rooms for the same reason; we can categorize them based on the nature of their use. So what are the various uses of chat rooms? Originally, chat rooms came from the major internet players such as Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ etc. When these companies popularized their chat rooms, they were basically for people to remain in touch with their friends. Now that is not the case, you can find a lot of chat rooms in various community sites as well. People have started using these chat rooms for a variety of reasons besides chatting with their friends. Online chat rooms help us to get in touch with new people who share the same interests but from different parts of the world. People who like to have plenty of friends find the online chat rooms highly useful because they can make new friends everyday. They can build a whole new world of virtual friendship. Secondly, online chat rooms can be used for people who need tutoring in various areas. This is an absolutely free communication tool that allows real time communication, which makes online tutoring possible. It can create one-on-one virtual classroom effect where the tutor can run through various online resources on a given topic. This is one of the easiest ways of sharing knowledge and information. This is not only the easiest platform for tutoring, it also allows instant communication. There are number of people who use these online chat rooms for dating. There are singles chat rooms where you can find lot of people interested in you. You will be able to go through the profiles of all the singles in your area and initiate contact with them. Online chat rooms are one of the fastest ways of finding and getting in touch with your date. Online chat rooms are not only for recreation and fun. Many entrepreneurs use online chat rooms for business communications and discussions. Today online chat is a widely accepted mode of communication for business discussions especially when there are overseas business communications. As this is a free tool, many businesses prefer to use online chat for their business communications as it reduces their bills on telephone. They use emails widely and whenever there is a need for real time communication they switch to online chat. Since more people can join the same chat, it allows room for conference chats. These are just some of the many uses of online chat rooms. It is totally up to the creativity of the users to find new and exciting ways of putting these chat rooms into use. There is nothing to stop us as long as we are abiding by the general rules of the chat rooms and as long as we are not offending anyone. Usachatnow.com is one of the best places for finding new friends and single through its online chat rooms.


Singles chat rooms have been around for quite a while now. It is one of the easiest ways of getting in touch with interesting singles in our locality and worldwide. It is not only the easiest way, but it is also one of the fastest ways to meet singles. All that you need to do to get in touch with hundreds of singles in your area is to sign up for an account in a reliable social networking website that has chat rooms that are specific for singles. There is no use getting into general chat rooms when you are specifically looking for singles. Though you will be able to find singles in general chat rooms as well, it will take a little longer than it would take for you to find suitable singles in a singles chat room.

You will have instant access to hundreds of singles and you can select someone who matches your type. Once you think you have found someone interesting, you can get in touch with him or her through singles chat rooms. It is one of the best ways of initiating contact. It gives time for both of you to find out whether there is anything in common that you two share with each other. Unlike going to a bar to find someone that you might be interested in, here you can be safer because you can maintain a safe distance from the other person until you are comfortable to disclose any personal information with him or her. You can also find out about the attitude of the person you are dealing with.

Today most singles go online to chat rooms so if you have been wondering where all the singles disappear, then you just need to visit these online chat rooms. These online chat rooms which were once just used to find friends online is used today widely to find one’s dating partner in the shortest time possible. Moreover, this is a free platform unlike the dating sites which charge its members if they want to initiate contact or get in touch with someone. However, not everyone in the singles chat is looking for a dating partner. Some of them are just looking for casual friendship. So if you are just looking for some casual friendship with someone who shares the same interests, then you can still use these singles chat rooms. If you happen to come across someone who interests you after a certain amount of interaction, then you can always try to take your relationship to the next level.

Singles chat rooms also gives you a wide exposure, it is not that always you will have to find someone to interact, others too can find your profile interesting and may initiate contact. If you find them interesting you can consider them as your dating partner as well.

You do not have to spend your weekends alone anymore; you can enjoy the company of interesting people in these singles chat rooms.

Chat Room Etiquette
Posted January 28, 2009 by TearsAreFallen

Chat rooms have become more popular recently as most chat rooms available online these days are found to be either free or in rare cases charge a minimal fee. There are number of things that are normally available in online community website include online live chat, teen chat, single chat, group chat, dating and more. Recently, they have become a very good medium for making friends. One more reason for people, in particular youngsters preferring these mediums rather than older technologies like instant messengers is that community websites allow people to communicate only with people who are in their contacts list on the other hand you can communicate with anyone you like in the community sites as long as they are willing to communicate with you.

Though chat rooms are meant for open discussions on various topics, there are still many rules and regulations that community websites impose on its users so that no one is offended. This is to ensure control over the discussions that go on and to safeguard every individual’s privacy. Generally, chat room etiquette would bar the participants from using vulgar language, discussion about violent issues and advertising any product or service. However, these things would not be a problem for any genuine participant who wishes to spend some nice time chatting with people across the world sharing their feelings, opinions.

Teen chats, single chat and group chat are also available for those looking for company online or someone with the same frequency to be friendly with. While chatting in a common chat room, it becomes essential to send only decent messages without any negative comments and unhealthy statements that would provoke others. Shouting in a chat room would be considered very unhealthy. Shouting would literally not mean shouting through the microphones but using capital letters to share views. This will make you unpopular in the chat room and it would create bad impression. Other participants would certainly hesitate to initiate a discussion with such a person the next time. However, no one would stop you from expressing your feelings freely but it is only that you will have to stick to the simple norms of the chat room you are using.

There are many other interesting activities in community websites like creating Avatars. This is a highly entertaining activity for many who like creating new looks for themselves. As many people who use chat rooms do not like to have their identities revealed, prefer using various Avatars for their identity. There are many types of Avatars. They are static and animated Avatars (2D and 3D. You, as a chat person, would be free to select anything for yourself. Many options to chat better like voice chat, video conferencing and many other new forms that would encourage building up of healthy relations. Many community websites offer free video games and similar entertaining activities that would have the users engaged round the clock. One can have loads of fun in these community sites as long as they can practice self-restraint.