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If you are someone that loves to have lot of company around you all the time, you will love social networking websites. At times, it is hard to find people that share the same interests and people that enjoy same things at our work place or at colleges so we will be left without company. If you are finding yourself without company then you can easily find new friends in social networking sites like USAChatNow.com.

Social networking sites serve as meeting place for thousands of people. People from any part of the world can connect to you in these sites. Distance is no barrier so you can easily find company here. When you want to pick the right social networking site to spend your spare time, do not choose your social networking site randomly. Use some of the following guidelines to choose your social networking site.

There are different types of social networking sites. Choose a social networking site that meets to your needs. If you are looking for a platform to find new friends and have fun with them in free chat rooms then USAchatnow.com is the best place for you. Secondly, make sure that the social network that you are joining has some decent membership count. If you are going to join a brand new social networking website that is not popular, then you will not find enough company. You will only wasting your time signing up in such social networking sites. You can hardly make any new friends in such social networking sites. The main reason why we signup in a social networking site is to find new friends to hangout online and if that need is not going to be met, then there is no fun in joining any social networking sites. On the other hand, if you join a well-established social networking site like USAChatnow.com you can meet new friends everyday because well-established sites get new signups everyday.

The social networking site that you choose should provide you with a number of options to communicate with the other members in the network such as text chat, web cam chat, forum, blog, etc. Only when you have a number of options you can interact with the other members in a meaningful way.

Besides providing you with effective tools of communication, your social networking sites should also have other interactive and useful sections that you can browse. USAChatNow.com has interesting features such as music, video, blog, polls, quizzes etc. Such features will help you keep yourself occupied when you are not really up to chats or other ways of interacting with others. Occasionally we would like to be all by ourselves. Your social networking site should provide you enough options to meet those needs as well so that you will not get bored. Here you can also find free classifieds section where you can post your free ads and browse other free classified ads posted here. Go ahead, signup for your free account and start enjoying all the exciting features.


Today every business faces a tremendous competition and recession for its part is making the game all the more difficult. One of the most important factors to be successful in one’s business is to have hot contacts. Every successful business person knows the importance of having resourceful contacts. We can gain resourceful contacts that will help us make a difference in our business is through business networking. Business networking can be done at various levels using various methods. A seasoned business person will make use of every possible tool that is at his or her disposal. One of the unconventional internet tools that is becoming increasingly popular in business networking is online chat rooms.

Some of us might be wondering whether people of substance will use online free chat rooms. If that is your question, you will be surprised to learn that lot of people from various profile use online free chat rooms because it is one of the most effective and fastest tools of communication. As much as you are desperate for contacts they too are looking for prospective contacts and in their efforts to acquire those contacts they will leave no stone unturned and that is what makes them successful in their business.

So if you are looking for serious business networking through free chat rooms, you must find social networking sites that have a good membership levels. Here, you will certainly be finding useful people that you can add to your list of friends. In your profile you can indicate what types of friends you are interested in and your areas of specialization. When there are similar people who are looking for networking contacts, they will get in touch with you. Though you may not be able to get hundreds of contacts in a single week, you will certainly see the number of contacts in your business networking database increasing gradually.

When you do signup for your free account in social networking sites, make sure that you do not give too much of personal information because this can be misused at times. There are a number of unscrupulous people out there who can misuse our identity. So be discreet at the same time give the online community with the necessary information so that your profile will interest them. You will realize soon that it is not only through expensive business dinners you can get your contacts but also through simple and free tools can get you equally useful contacts.

A word of caution while trying to expand your network through free chat rooms; don’t try to nag people with your messages. Some of them come to free chat rooms thinking that they will not be disturbed with the sales people and marketing professionals. They join free chat rooms just to relax and chill out and if you are going to harass them with your networking motives, you are more likely to become very unpopular in the chat rooms. Therefore, be subtle but persistent with your networking efforts in the chat rooms and you will see success.


Every place under the sky has its own code of conduct that we should abide by. It helps us to get along with others well and they make life less stressful. It helps us avoid unnecessary confusions and stress. The same applies to online chat rooms as well. Though we are out for fun in online chat rooms, we need to still keep to the rules of the chat room. More than just keeping to the rules, as social animals we are expected to behave in civilized way.

It calls for personal responsibility, as there will be no one policing us in the online chat rooms. Though there are rules, there are people who break them consistently or completely ignore those rules. Chat rooms are a great gift to us and we must make sure that we do not abuse this gift. They help us in finding new friends, stay in touch with our friends free of cost, have fun online and much more. We can enjoy these facilities and allow others to enjoy them as well by being responsible users.

The first point to remember is that we don’t offend others in anyway. We need to be watchful of the language we use and the symbols or smileys that we use in the chat rooms. We should know our limits and should not harass anyone who is not interested in interacting with us. If someone shows disinterest in interacting with us, we should respect their privacy and politely stop disturbing them.

It is always best to avoid all types of vulgar language, aggressive comments and offensive language. We should not attack any particular language group or racial group. Not all of us log in to the chat rooms to create trouble, at times we may turn out to be offensive without being aware. This happens especially when you are dealing with someone from a different cultural background. Therefore, in such situations it is always best to be cautious so that you do not tread into the other person’s personal space by mistake.

By being a responsible user, you will start enjoying the chat rooms more and more. It does not mean that you should stop having fun. All that is expected of you is that you should keep to the limits. Never go overboard with anything and take things slowly. These simple rules will keep you free from trouble.

You will also benefit by going through the terms and conditions and the chat rules of the chat rooms before you enter the chat room. Because we tend to make mistakes only when we are not sure what is expected of us. So when you are aware of the boundaries, you can easily keep off the fence. Online chat rooms are one of the most enjoyable pastimes and we can have all the fun we want. We can laugh with others in the chat rooms but insulting or laughing at others should be avoided completely.

Flirting in Chat Rooms
Posted February 19, 2009 by TearsAreFallen

Online chat rooms give us a great amount of freedom that we cannot possibly enjoy in personal, face-to-face communications. We can pretend to be anybody we like to be. We get to meet people from all walks of life from various parts of the world. Most often, we will never get to meet any of them. However, there are chances that we can arrange for a personal meeting or even get our date through these online chats. Since we do not get to meet people with whom we chat, we do not have to be wearing our masks that we normally wear in our everyday life. We can flirt online with anyone and have fun without getting into any trouble. There is no fear of rejection either. If the other person too is interested they will encourage your flirtatious online behavior and if not you can easily find someone else with whom you can flirt online.

Here our appearances do not matter and our background will not be an issue. Many people who consider themselves withdrawn and shy, can easily come out with their real self that they long to be. In our daily life, our inhibitions do not allow us to be free. We are worried about our image, status, etc. Not all these limitations and inhibitions stop us from being who we are in these online chat rooms.

When we want to have some clean fun and to flirt a bit, we must pick the right chat rooms. You must not enter into serious chat rooms where people discuss specific topics. For example, it may not be advisable to get into a chat room to flirt where the users are bike fanatics. They might consider you an intrusion if they find that you do not share their interest. Therefore, you must pick the right chat rooms. Singles chat rooms would be the right choice for those who want to have some clean fun.

Another greatest advantage of online chat is that you can choose to flirt with more than one person at the same time. No one will judge you for your behavior because this is more of an impersonal communication.

When you try to flirt online, others may try to take advantage of you. You must be cautious about it and should know where to draw your lines. It is best not to have any sort of personal contact details in your profile so that you will not face any problems at a later stage. Also, never mislead people and remember that your flirtatious behavior is to just have fun. You should not offend the other person in anyway by developing false hope in them.

If some one tries to take advantage of you despite your cautiousness, you are free to stop all interactions with them at any time. On the other hand, when you happen to find someone nice in your chat rooms with whom you would like to take the relationship to the next step, you must make sure that the other person is a trustworthy person by running a background check for your own safety.


Not all of us are good communicators; we find it difficult to initiate discussions with strangers. Even those who rate themselves as poor communicators find it rather easier to use online chat rooms because they do not have to meet the other person face-to-face. So normally the problem is with face-to-face communication. When we are moved away from that situation we are able to communicate well and that is why many of us spend a lot of time in the chat rooms and we even become popular in these chat rooms. We can make friends easily as we do not have the inhibition that we normally have with face-to-face communication with strangers. Once we get used to people through online chat rooms, if required we can arrange a personal meeting with the other person.

By keeping to some of the simple rules, we can communicate more effectively over the chat. One of the greatest advantages of online chat room is that it allows real time communications and it is instant. Normally chat rooms will list everyone present in the room. When you enter the chat rooms do not randomly start your chat with multiple users. If possible try to read the profile of the person before initiating your chat. If you start multiple, random chats and if most of them start responding to you at the same time, you will not be able to keep track of your chats. So keep to 2 to 3 simultaneous chats. When you find some one is more appealing to you than the others, then politely close the chat with the other people. Do not end the chats abruptly making them wait for your response or ignoring their repeated messages. This will make you unpopular in the chat rooms.

Be sure to be polite always. Never send any provocative comments it will make people run away from you when you try to initiate your chat. Always double check before sending your messages as you can easily send your messages in the wrong window. It will turnout to be problematic if you happen to send a private message in the public window.

It is fine to keep your identity private; but do not lie about your identity including your sex, job, etc. You can be very general regarding your identity and at the same time not lying about your identity so that others cannot track back to you. This will help on the long run when you do want to establish a long-term relationship with the other person. You have every right to withhold your personal information. When you try to withhold your personal information, do not expect the other person to share all their personal information with you either.

While using online chat rooms, choose easy to read font styles and colors so that the other person does not have to strain his or her eyes to read your messages. If you are not careful in this regard, others might get disinterested in you.

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