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Today’s life style forces us to get separated from our family and live in different cities or even in different countries. We move to a different city or different country for various reasons such as health reasons, education, career related reasons, health reasons etc. In all these situations, we get away from people we grew up with, family, friends and relatives. One of the major expenses for people who have their loved ones, friends and relatives in different cities or countries is their telephone bills. As we stay away from them, we miss our family so much and try to keep in touch with them as frequently as possible. However, our telephone bills are constantly increasing and they reduce the frequency of our calls to our loved ones.

However, we will have to consider ourselves lucky as we live in an era of the internet where communications and staying in touch with people has been made fast, easy and cheap if not free. One of the best ways of keeping in touch with our loved ones free of cost is through live chat. Online communities help us get in touch with our loved ones and friends easily through free chat rooms.

Free chat rooms bring our loved ones right on to our desk. It is like talking to them over a cup of coffee. The best thing about these chat rooms is that we do not have to pay anything it is absolutely free. Besides that, there is no times restriction what so ever. If we want, we can chat with them for 24 hours a day. Online chat rooms bring home our loved ones irrespective of the distance. Chat rooms are more advantageous than emails as we can enjoy instant or real time communication with our loved ones.

Many teenagers stay away from their family as they move to a different city for their college. During such times, it is very important that they keep in constant touch with the family. As they do not earn much during period, they should ensure that they keep their expenses to the lowest possible. At times, they may not be able to travel to their hometown even during holiday season. We will miss our family and our hometown very much during holiday season more than any other time of the year. Free chat rooms help us reduce the pain as we can easily be in touch with our family without having to spend a lot of money on long distance calls. Parents too can keep a tab on their children and constantly discuss with the children about their problems and help them out to deal with them effectively. For teenagers too it is much easier to open up to their parents over live chat than through one on one personal discussion. This also improves family bonding despite the distance. So free chat rooms are not just for teenagers and singles, they have more uses than we think.


It's nice to go somewhere, where everyone knows your name!

Yes usa chat has without a doubt been compared to Cheers. People come in and they'll be greeted with "Hello's", "How ya doin'?", and "It's so nice to see you!" If you decide to not come around for a little bit generally these are all in cap locks. Why? Because you're not just a 'screen name' on usachatnow. You are an actual person. We differ from all of the other chat rooms because of the amount of regulars we have. We have chatters that have been around for almost a decade. We are a family, we're not you're regular run of the mill Chatroom!

Small story about how I likened chat to Cheers. I was in a horrible marriage to a man who had ripped my self esteem from me totally. The first time I went in even though NOBODY knew me I still got hello's. I just sat back and watched. I watched for a week or so before I actually registered b/c I wasn't sure if I really wanted to get into the whole 'chatroom' thing. Afterall only pedofiles and people who want to murder you hang out there...that's the stereotype anyhow.

Usachat was totally different. I started coming in with a regular name and finally put a picture up. The response was overwhelming. I wasn't this ugly person that my ex husband made me feel. People were HAPPY to see me when I came in. What? I'm NOT useless and unloved? Imagine that! After 2 years of chatting, even when I disappeared for a few months to try and make my train wreck marriage work, I came back EVERYONE was thrilled to see me! "Nic, How are ya?", "Nic, where have you been I've worried about you??" WHAT?!?! People worried about me? I actually meant something to someone? This was the best and got me hooked instantly. For the first time in 5 years someone actually cared about me, cared about my thoughts and cared about my feelings.

I credit chat for a large portion of getting me out of my bad marriage. Giving me the tools I needed to leave. I credit me leaving with the strength and power from the people of chat. They made it possible by building back everything that my ex husband had taken away from me. Chat INSPIRED ME!! I left him a year ago, I've found true love through chat and an amazing dad to my kids...all thanks to chat. I couldn't possibly be happier. Some people may ask why do I still chat??? It's Cheers baby! How could I not? One day..someone is going to come in like I was and it'll be my turn to Inspire them, make them realize that they're not everything they'd been told. Mkaing friends was a very great thing for me in my time of need and I am very thankful for usa chat for helping me through my hard time with the divorce.

The fun of chatting
Posted November 24, 2008 by TearsAreFallen

Welcome to the modern world of hanging with friends, meeting new people and dating...its called chat! Where can you get to know such a wide spectrum of people all in one harmonius place? Only the wonderful world of the USA Chat. What kind of people can you find in a chat? All kinds of people from professionals who find it hard to get out due to busy schedules to stay at home moms. The beauty of chat is you can be in the comfort of your own home relaxing and enjoying conversations with many people at the same time. You can talk with a girlfriend and flirt with the handsome guy and joke with the clown. Chat relationships vary some are just the casual encounter you make and some become lasting friendships. Chat is what you put into it. Highly addictive you'll find you can't wait to hear the latest gossip, or talk to that special person you made a connection with. Chat relationships go beyond the scope of just typing letters into a room. The VoiceChat allows you to hear people and webcam is a live one on one experience. Much like being in a bar or any other community setting you get to meet and have a realtionship with someone many miles away yet feel as though they are sharing morning cofee with you, having a drink, talking about life experiences, or offering encouragment.

Chat breaks down into many groups and form like a small chat society if you will. There are those who come in for light hearted small talk, others who enjoy the laughs, some just looking to listen or be listened to, some searching for romance. You can choose who you wish to communicate with and who you do not. Sometimes you want to be a part of each of the groups and you can stay in the main room and just hang out and wait to see what goes on in the very active lobby. Lobby being the room much like a train station of people looking for their connections. Its filled with lots of comings and goings, casual conversation and people looking to see of someone else is interested in what they are at that same moment. It then branches off into whispers a one on one conversation where you get to see into the person just a little closer. Theres also the small rooms where people chose to discuss certain topics of interest and generally there will be some debates over contrasting opinions but all in good fun...

What do you get out of chat rooms? I can tell you what I get out of it and thats the feeling that there are people in this world just like me normal everday human beings going through the day to day stuff I do. I have found friends who encourage me to do the things I find hard and to be a better person. I an inspired by peoples lives and learn from their wisdom and also from their mistakes. I have become one with people who I feel are an extension of myself. I have seen people who are in trouble emotionally and have offered a shoulder to cry on. I have shared laughs, sorrows, joys, triumphs and disappointments. These freindships I wouldn't trade for the world. The chat community has welcomed me into it and made me feel like I belong. Sometimes on a large scale we forget how we each have a place in this great big world.

Join a chat community and participate and see where it takes you...

The unexpected may occur you may find yourself or someone who you least expected, either way you'll never regret the decision to join and never forget the fun you have.

why chat rooms?
Posted November 21, 2008 by TearsAreFallen

Why do people like chat rooms so much? That is an answer alot people might ask themself. The truth to the matter is chat is something people will always like. Chatting in chat rooms can actually stimulate your brain. You can find yourself in alot sitiuations that can teach alot about yourself. Things people say and do in chat rooms are things they usually don't do in person. Being online makes it alot easier to express yourself then face to face with someone you don't know. Millions of people search google, yahoo and msn daily for free chat. These chats are escapes for people to get away from there every day stress. If you have never been in a chat site my advice is to find one and try it out. You'll find hundreds of free chat sites that won't ask you for a penny. I am willing to bet that 9 out of 10 people will find that chatting is quite enjoyable. You will also find that your making freinds and meeting people that are just like you. Even teens can search for teen chat. Parents of teens should make sure whatever free teen chat they allow there teens to go in should be moderated by adults. Give a chat site a try and find out how wonderful they really can be.


How it all started.
Posted August 11, 2008 by TearsAreFallen

I am finally writing a blog and have decided to write one telling how all my sites started. It all started in 2000-01 when I discovered msn chat rooms. There they had a Wisconsin chat room called Wisconsin Hideaway. I jumped into the mix of things and started meeting people from Wisconsin which I am from. After a month or two I decided to create another chat room mainly because the hosts that ran Wisconsin hideaway sucked and booted for bad reasons. It didn't take very long and the room which I called Wisconsin Naughty But Nice became number 1. We had camping parties, grill outs, bar parties and etc. It started to become my second home. My place to vent, meet cool people and just overall a good time. We stayed the number 1 Wisconsin chat room until MSN started to charge its members to chat. Now at the time I thought the 20.00 a year wasn't a bad price. Unfortunately everyone else did. So at this time our user base was cut in half because of the msn change. But we carried on any ways, up until one day I was like I wonder how difficult it would be to created a chat site. So at this point I started to investigate. I looked everywhere and there wasn't really any options and the costs were ridiculous. At this point I was like forget it...not going to pay all this money for what I called a not very good chat room. One day a buddy of mine indroduced me to web designed with php experience and I discussed my ideas with him and my all in all vision. From this point fwd Wisconsin chat now started. Thats exactly what started it all was the Wisconsin chat. Now I was thinking this wasn't going to cost to much; boy was i wrong. I spent thousands getting what most of you know as the lobby created. I wanted something different, something that didn't require a download to enter. Anyways thousands of dollars later out came the chat room. The only chat room of its kind. OK so here I am with Wisconsinchatnow being number 1 under all wisconsin chat keywords in google and the site was still dead. Boy was I thinking what a waste. So I went back to the drawing board and decided why make this just a wisconsin chat, why not make this a world chat or better yet a usa chat. Not alot of people were for this idea. They wanted to keep it just a wisconsin chat. I decided against it and purchased the domain UsaChatNow.com. That was the easy part. The hard part was getting it out there and getting people to know about it. Now this was the part that took my investment from between 10,000 to 12,000 up to 25,000 to 30,000 thousand dollars. Now most of you are prolly thinking screw that but I am what you call an overachiever. If you say it cant be done I will do it anyways. I am about doing what most would say would be impossible. So anyways I'm spending thousands on advertising to get the word out for UsaChatNow.com and another idea came to mind. I wanted cams and audio. I wanted more then just a music chat. So I searched and searched and searched and finally came up with the cam chat that most of you know as CamChatNow. What a great Idea it turned out to be. The chat room is very smooth and the cams are crisp. Its a favorite among the users. Now as most of you already know the site is very popular. We have thousands of users and we are ranking number 1 on google. All in all it has paid off. I have met some very wonderful people in the mix of all this. One thing is though I have been asked time and time again if I had to do this all over would you? The answer is NO. Why do you ask? Well when i first started off in this I was thinking the most this idea and vision was going to cost me would anywhere from 300 to 600 dollars... HA. I say all in all I have invested over 35,000 in the sites.I am thinking that price answers the ?'s as to why I wouldn't. All in all I am glad I did it and wouldn't trade it for anything. This site has great people. And always know this I will never charge any of you for any of the services I offer. That is my promise to you P.S. The reason I did not mention Voice chat is because it is to new to be a part of the story.