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Each of us has our own chat room story. Each of us likes to share our stories of how we all ended up in the same place. What’s more exciting is the combinations of all our stories, with so much variety yet so much that connects us as a people… as a community.
My husband was severely disabled in the military. He would go through so many hobbies for what could only be done at home. They always ended up being unsatisfying, the major reason being the feeling of complete separation from the outside world. That is until he stumbled in a chat site and found the connection he had longed for so long. Noticing a sudden change in him, like he at long last found peace within him, my curiosity landed me joining into the same chat site.
I met all the people he had grown connections with. I was amazed to find that he had met other people with similar backgrounds that also made this chat site their second home. The connections he made with these people did more for his heart and soul than I could have ever imagined. Then I got to chat and get to know these people too, and was amazed with their stories. However, I also met many people that shared a similar story to what was mine and all the things I had to deal with from my perspective in life. Finally I connected with people in a way none of my neighbors or friends could truly understand.
Another thing I found a complete pleasure in was the people I met and got to know with a totally different, random background that lead them to this chat site too. Yet I made close friendships with these people with the simple connection of the sudden need to always chat and make each other giggle until our cheeks would literally hurt. To my surprise I was meeting people from across our globe, hearing their accents, and feeling a connection to the world myself, than I had also not felt in such a long time.
With all our diversity mixed with all our bits of shared connections in one way or another that had led us all to the very same chat room… into our shared chat community, the moral of the ‘Chat Room Story’ is quiet simple. ‘Chat Crack’ is quite contagious!!! Regardless of how we all got to this point, we all feel the need to talk and be heard, listen and support, and when we’re away… for once not wonder, what happened in the chat, am I missing something? LOL
Today we do not have to complain about increasing phone bills. We can save a lot of money on long distance calls as we have video chat facilities, which can be used to interact with our friends and loved ones as if we are having face to face conversation. This is one of the most useful technology advancements of our era. Before you start using this facility, you must know some of the basic factors so that you can make the best use of video chat.
Firstly, you need to identify the best social community website that has online web cam chatting facility. The online social networking website that you choose should be a safe network so that you can enjoy the best services. Choose a popular social networking website so that you can be sure of the quality of the services.
Secondly, it is vital that the website you choose for web cam chat uses the latest technology. If they do not use a reliable technology to stream your web cam then the quality of the chats will be affected.
Some websites will require you to register as member before you can use the chat rooms whereas other networking sites do not require you to register as member. When you are choosing your networks pay attention to this detail. In addition, there will be limitations on the number of people that you can have your video chat simultaneously. In case you like to have chat with multiple people at once, then it is best to choose a network that allows the highest number of simultaneous chats.
Before you can get on to your chat site, you must make sure that you have the required facilities with you to support your chat. You must have broadband internet connection. If you are on slow speed internet connection then you will face problems with the video relay. The images will get distorted and there will be a time delay in voice and image transfer. The video will also look grainy ruining the entire experience.
Try to get some decent web cam, as this will also affect the quality of your chat session. Have your web cam configured correctly before going on chat and this will save you from unnecessary frustrations. Make sure that you are not sitting in a dark room so that the video you relay is of good quality.
You will be able to interact with people across borders easily without having to spend a lot of money now. You just need to ensure that you have the right set up and once you set it up correctly once, you can have unlimited fun whenever you are in mood to chat with your friends and your loved ones. You can also meet new friends through this platform. This is one of the most interesting ways of spending one’s free time without wasting money. No need to drive to local bars to find company anymore.

The modern world is a hub of advanced technologies that has changed the entire lifestyle of the people. Today a person can get everything he wants sitting at home in the front of the computer and using the internet to get the desired facility with the click of a button. In the same manner, you also have the facility of entertainment on the net and one of the best modes of relaxed entertainment combined with knowledge is to access the facility of free chat on the sites that offer free chat rooms where you can easily interact with people from all over the world. This way you can join the online community, which will help you in many ways as you can build a network of friends who share the same interests.

If, you are a newbie, and have not visited the free chat rooms on the internet, then first you should choose a free chat site. There are several free chat sites on the internet that have chat rooms where you can enter and choose the chat room in which you will find the online community engaged in live chat on topics of your interest. Entering any one of the online chat rooms will hardly affect you, as you do not have to pay any membership fee therefore after entering the different chat rooms you find that you are not getting anything interesting you can easily withdraw from the site and try out some other online free chat site. These online chat rooms consists of online community who are engaged in different types of live chat like singles chat or chatting for the sole purpose of making friends online.

Accessing the online free chat sites is very safe as there is the facility of full security and your identity related to your original personal information will remain hidden until you do not give the permission to disclose your identity to the selected members of the online community with whom you engage in live chat. If, you are in search of a life partner, these free chat rooms are the best place to visit because the online chat rooms have the facility of singles chat. Here you will find many people in the online community who are engaged in live chat for the sole purpose of developing intimacy with the person who they feel is the perfect man or woman to become their life partner.

The other benefits that you can get through these free online chat rooms is, you can flourish your online business by inviting your friends from the chat rooms to review your product or you can use the chat rooms for making friends and discuss with them about the topics in which you all have similar interest. You can also derive the benefit of learning different languages and writing blog without building up your own blog site. You have the facility of increasing your social networking and collecting all the relevant and useful information that you require. You can also post music; pictures on this site, and get the music or pictures posted on the site and choose the music or picture of your liking without spending any money.


It is a natural tendency of all of us to look for the best chat room before you start chatting or when you feel like chatting. However, the fact is that there is no chat room that can be called the best chat room. Depending on the likes and dislikes of an individual, a best chat room can be selected for any person. A chat room that would be considered as best for one individual might not suit the other person. Therefore, it completely depends on what a person is expecting from the chats. Many factors would help you in deciding if a chat room is best or not. Again, these factors as well would differ from individual to individual. One important fact that anyone needs to remember about chat rooms is that no chat room has any quality of its own; it just reflects the nature of the people who are participating in the chat in that room. So it becomes essential for you to decide on which type of people you like to chat with and depending on this factor, the chat room can be selected.

One important factor that many people consider a prime factor to decide the quality of a chatting website is the membership requirements. You would easily be able to find out the nature of the chat going on in any chat room by reading the participating rules that are specified in the website. Individuals normally also prefer to know if memberships are paid or free ones as this as well would reflect the quality of the chat. There are different types of chat rooms available all over. There are chat rooms that discuss about politics, sports, business and trade as well. These would be of a matured nature and a good percentage of adults engage in these chats. Business chats are usually very formal and there are literally hundreds of businesses working out through such chat rooms. Therefore, if you wish to start a new business or would like to promote your existing business, chat rooms can be good start for interacting with a bigger group of people.

Another important factor that would help you finding the best chat room would be your age. Depending on the age group you are in, you would be able to find a chat room that would have participants of your age group. Being in the midst of people in the same age group would itself be something very interesting and make your chat experience unforgettable.

There are even chat rooms that offer free advice for life. Mostly adults are seen to be hanging around in the chat rooms where people discuss about their problems and try to get some expert advice. Chat rooms are also available for those who are interested in adult stuff. However, there would be restrictions on age and the rules would differ from one website to the other. In short, best chat rooms are those that would help you in chatting in a safe manner without giving way to any problems.


Online chat rooms are one of the best places to meet new people and to make new friends. However, not all of us may be equally successful in making new friends and in making that friendship last longer. Often it becomes like a one-night stand, it becomes just a one-time interaction and the next time it is a different set of people. Though this might be interesting and exciting in the beginning after sometime it may get bored, as we cannot simply survive on acquaintances we also need stable friends with whom we can share our interests and concerns.

Here are few tips on building new friendships through online chat rooms that will last long. One of the factors that you should avoid in online chat rooms is to chat with too many people at the same time and have multiple chat windows open at the same time. When we do this we are bound to send wrong messages in the wrong windows. What we have to remember is that all of us like to feel important when we send wrong messages in someone else’s window the other person comes to know that they are not the only person that you are talking to and that you are chatting with multiple people at the same time. This will indicate to them clearly you are not really keen on that somebody and about their interest. They think that you are in the chat room just to while away your time and not for serious friendship.

If you really want to build lasting friendship, then you must try to limit the number of chats and concentrate on someone who seems to appeal to you. Similarly, there may be others who could be doing this to you and chatting with many people at the same time. If that happens to you, you must try to avoid spending such people if you need a lasting friendship and look for someone else. If you are out just for fun, then there is no harm engaging in a chat with people who deal with multiple chat windows at the same time. However, you should not make your decisions solely based on this factor because there are other factors that you need to consideration before quitting on someone.

The next important factor to be taken into consideration when we want to establish lasting friendships is that you should try to find people in the relevant chat rooms if you are looking for teen friends, it is best to look for them in the teen chat room. You must also make sure that the other person also shares the same or similar interests so that you will have something to talk about when you meet online. If you do not share any common area of interest, you may not have anything interesting to discuss just after the initial pleasantries.

When you do find someone who appeals to you and shares your interests, do not shoot too many personal questions and this may make the other person shy away from you. Wait until the other person feels comfortable to share their personal information with you. This will go a long way in establishing lasting friendships online.

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