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Online chat rooms are one of the best places to meet new people and to make new friends. However, not all of us may be equally successful in making new friends and in making that friendship last longer. Often it becomes like a one-night stand, it becomes just a one-time interaction and the next time it is a different set of people. Though this might be interesting and exciting in the beginning after sometime it may get bored, as we cannot simply survive on acquaintances we also need stable friends with whom we can share our interests and concerns.

Here are few tips on building new friendships through online chat rooms that will last long. One of the factors that you should avoid in online chat rooms is to chat with too many people at the same time and have multiple chat windows open at the same time. When we do this we are bound to send wrong messages in the wrong windows. What we have to remember is that all of us like to feel important when we send wrong messages in someone else’s window the other person comes to know that they are not the only person that you are talking to and that you are chatting with multiple people at the same time. This will indicate to them clearly you are not really keen on that somebody and about their interest. They think that you are in the chat room just to while away your time and not for serious friendship.

If you really want to build lasting friendship, then you must try to limit the number of chats and concentrate on someone who seems to appeal to you. Similarly, there may be others who could be doing this to you and chatting with many people at the same time. If that happens to you, you must try to avoid spending such people if you need a lasting friendship and look for someone else. If you are out just for fun, then there is no harm engaging in a chat with people who deal with multiple chat windows at the same time. However, you should not make your decisions solely based on this factor because there are other factors that you need to consideration before quitting on someone.

The next important factor to be taken into consideration when we want to establish lasting friendships is that you should try to find people in the relevant chat rooms if you are looking for teen friends, it is best to look for them in the teen chat room. You must also make sure that the other person also shares the same or similar interests so that you will have something to talk about when you meet online. If you do not share any common area of interest, you may not have anything interesting to discuss just after the initial pleasantries.

When you do find someone who appeals to you and shares your interests, do not shoot too many personal questions and this may make the other person shy away from you. Wait until the other person feels comfortable to share their personal information with you. This will go a long way in establishing lasting friendships online.


Every place under the sky has its own code of conduct that we should abide by. It helps us to get along with others well and they make life less stressful. It helps us avoid unnecessary confusions and stress. The same applies to online chat rooms as well. Though we are out for fun in online chat rooms, we need to still keep to the rules of the chat room. More than just keeping to the rules, as social animals we are expected to behave in civilized way.

It calls for personal responsibility, as there will be no one policing us in the online chat rooms. Though there are rules, there are people who break them consistently or completely ignore those rules. Chat rooms are a great gift to us and we must make sure that we do not abuse this gift. They help us in finding new friends, stay in touch with our friends free of cost, have fun online and much more. We can enjoy these facilities and allow others to enjoy them as well by being responsible users.

The first point to remember is that we don’t offend others in anyway. We need to be watchful of the language we use and the symbols or smileys that we use in the chat rooms. We should know our limits and should not harass anyone who is not interested in interacting with us. If someone shows disinterest in interacting with us, we should respect their privacy and politely stop disturbing them.

It is always best to avoid all types of vulgar language, aggressive comments and offensive language. We should not attack any particular language group or racial group. Not all of us log in to the chat rooms to create trouble, at times we may turn out to be offensive without being aware. This happens especially when you are dealing with someone from a different cultural background. Therefore, in such situations it is always best to be cautious so that you do not tread into the other person’s personal space by mistake.

By being a responsible user, you will start enjoying the chat rooms more and more. It does not mean that you should stop having fun. All that is expected of you is that you should keep to the limits. Never go overboard with anything and take things slowly. These simple rules will keep you free from trouble.

You will also benefit by going through the terms and conditions and the chat rules of the chat rooms before you enter the chat room. Because we tend to make mistakes only when we are not sure what is expected of us. So when you are aware of the boundaries, you can easily keep off the fence. Online chat rooms are one of the most enjoyable pastimes and we can have all the fun we want. We can laugh with others in the chat rooms but insulting or laughing at others should be avoided completely.


Not all of us are good communicators; we find it difficult to initiate discussions with strangers. Even those who rate themselves as poor communicators find it rather easier to use online chat rooms because they do not have to meet the other person face-to-face. So normally the problem is with face-to-face communication. When we are moved away from that situation we are able to communicate well and that is why many of us spend a lot of time in the chat rooms and we even become popular in these chat rooms. We can make friends easily as we do not have the inhibition that we normally have with face-to-face communication with strangers. Once we get used to people through online chat rooms, if required we can arrange a personal meeting with the other person.

By keeping to some of the simple rules, we can communicate more effectively over the chat. One of the greatest advantages of online chat room is that it allows real time communications and it is instant. Normally chat rooms will list everyone present in the room. When you enter the chat rooms do not randomly start your chat with multiple users. If possible try to read the profile of the person before initiating your chat. If you start multiple, random chats and if most of them start responding to you at the same time, you will not be able to keep track of your chats. So keep to 2 to 3 simultaneous chats. When you find some one is more appealing to you than the others, then politely close the chat with the other people. Do not end the chats abruptly making them wait for your response or ignoring their repeated messages. This will make you unpopular in the chat rooms.

Be sure to be polite always. Never send any provocative comments it will make people run away from you when you try to initiate your chat. Always double check before sending your messages as you can easily send your messages in the wrong window. It will turnout to be problematic if you happen to send a private message in the public window.

It is fine to keep your identity private; but do not lie about your identity including your sex, job, etc. You can be very general regarding your identity and at the same time not lying about your identity so that others cannot track back to you. This will help on the long run when you do want to establish a long-term relationship with the other person. You have every right to withhold your personal information. When you try to withhold your personal information, do not expect the other person to share all their personal information with you either.

While using online chat rooms, choose easy to read font styles and colors so that the other person does not have to strain his or her eyes to read your messages. If you are not careful in this regard, others might get disinterested in you.


Today, online community sites or social networking sites are popular hangout places online. People spend lot of time in these community websites interacting with the other members. When we talk of online community sites, many of us tend to think that it is just for young people and college students. You just need to visit some of these online community sites to realize that it is not only young people and college students who are attracted to these community sites, but you can find all age groups and people from all types of backgrounds here. That is why online community sites are rich platforms for interaction with people from the different backgrounds and from different parts of the world.

Therefore, you too can benefit by joining these online community sites. How to find the right community website that matches your needs? When you are in the process of finding your community website, you must first decide how you would like to make use of the community website. You should also take into consideration your special interests. If you are interested in finding singles in your locality, you must find a community website that has a section for singles or dating. If you are interested in having online chat with people to spend some quality time sharing your views and interacting with people, then you must find a community website with chat interface.

You must also check what kind of memberships they offer. Some of them charge for using some of their services. Therefore, you must make sure whether you need to pay to use any of their features or services before signing up. However, most of the online community sites are free. They should have lot of registered users and only then, it will be interesting to use the social networking website. If they have very limited users then, it would be an indicator that the website is very unpopular. Registering in such websites will not give you enough chance to interact with others.

It is all the more better if the community website that you choose has online discussion forums where you can start initiating discussions on your favorite topics and get their opinion and ideas on the topic.

Another important factor to take into consideration is your privacy. The website that you select should not spam you. When we signup for a free account in these online community sites, we are expected to give our contact details while creating our profile and they should not take advantage of this and start pumping in spam mails. Some of the websites go one-step further and even sell our information third parties that are ready to pay a lot of money for such information. Therefore, you must join only those community websites that respect your privacy.

usachatnow.com has been created by users who are tired of dealing with community websites that spam their users. Therefore, you can be sure that your privacy will be respected here.

Finding the Best Chat Rooms
Posted January 30, 2009 by TearsAreFallen

There are thousands of chat rooms available on the internet and when you want to register, spend some quality time having fun online, we can pick one of these free chat rooms. However, how do we know which are the best chat rooms and which is the best chat service? If we do not spend time finding the best chat rooms, then we will be wasting our time. Besides that, we will also be frustrated because of the poor chat room experience.

What are the factors that we need to take into consideration while identifying our chat rooms? First of all, we need to remember that what is appealing to one may not be appealing to the other. Therefore, it is best to know your interest and what exactly you are looking for in the chat rooms when you visit one of these chat rooms.

Most of the chat rooms available online are part of a community or social networking website. Therefore, you must select a reputed website that has good visitor traffic so that you can have enough interaction in the chat rooms. If you select chat rooms with very few users then you may not be able to find enough friends to interact with.

You must find chat rooms that are appropriate to your age group. Normally chat rooms will have different rooms for adults, teen chat, singles chat etc. If you do not find the appropriate rooms then it is better to look for a different online chat service. Because if you are adult and if there are only teen chat rooms then you will have very little to interact with teens and the same applies to teens as well. As a teenager, you will not be able to relate to adults because interests will vary from one age group to the other.

Most of the chat services are free while some chat rooms charge their members especially when they are associated with a dating site. UsaChatnow.com is a free chat service, which you can use to make friends. There is no point in paying for online chat services when you can find free chat rooms that are better than some of the paid services.

Besides the above, while trying to find the best chat rooms you must check whether the chat rooms have easy to use interface. The user interface should be vibrant and lively so that using the chat rooms will be fun. Dull and dreary interface can make you feel bored and depressed. So find chat rooms with interfaces that energize you.

The interface should have interesting emoticons that will help you express yourself easily through the emoticons.

Above all, the chat rooms that you use should be safe places for you to hangout so that your online security is not at risk in anyway. You must avoid chat rooms that are notorious for the presence of scam artists.

Do take your time in identifying your online chat service. Usachatnow.com by providing exciting free online chat rooms stands out among the rest of the chat services online.