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Today all of us have an additional side to our personality and that is the online face. With the pervasion of the internet into all the aspects of our life, most of us have an online personality that we have created through the use of online community sites, chat rooms, forums, blogs etc. We have number of outlets online that help us become more expressive than before. We can also get in touch with a number of new people; interact with people from various cultural background, language background and interests. 

The online personality that we create for ourselves should be a powerful and pleasing personality so that we can enjoy our online interactions. There are number of ways by which you can enhance your online presence. Before you can think of enhancing your online presence, you must first make a thorough research online to find the best online community sites that suit your personality. Do not join online community sites without any discretion. Signing up with too many online community sites will only make your online presence weaker. Just pick a few online community sites and concentrate on building your profile in them.

When you go online, do not try to be too secretive about yourself. This does not mean that you will have to throw around your personal information carelessly. You can use a nice picture of yours in the community sites. Never use the picture of someone else. If you do not want to use a picture of yourself, you can choose some nice picture that is a reflection of your personality. People remember pictures more easily than names and words. By using a picture along with your profile, you can create an imposing personality. Never use any picture that is provocative or vulgar in an effort to draw people’s attention; this will only ruin your image.
You can choose a compelling tagline for your profile that will tell the world who you are. Your personal profile is one of the best ways of enhancing your online presence. You can choose to write a few lines carelessly in your profile or spend some time in coming up with an impressive profile that will urge people to get in touch with you. If you happen to be a member of more than one online community site, do not make use of the same profile in all the community sites. If you use the same profile in all the community sites, then it will show your lack of creativity. Not many people like to be in the company of uncreative people. So do not put yourself to that disadvantage. Come up with fresh profile text even if it means writing just a few lines.
Do not wait for people to get in touch with you in the online community site; go in search of them, take part in discussions, invite people for chat and so on. However remember not to force anyone that is not interested in interacting with you.
By keeping in mind all these basic things, you can easily create a powerful and clean online image.


There are hundreds of online community sites and more such sites are being launched as online community sites get good response from people. Though there are many online communities, not all of them are worth considering. There are only a few good online community sites online. If you are thinking of registering in one of the online community sites, you must make sure that you do not waste your time with poor quality sites. Here are some traits of a good online community site that will help you pick your online community.

Your online community site should be easy for use. This is one of the most important factors to consider. The online community site that you are choosing to spend your time online should not be too complicated. Most of the time, we will be coming to the online community sites after a tiring day or hectic weak and during such times we will not prefer to use a community site that will tire of brain further. Your community website should have very clear navigation so that you can reach all the pages easily without having to go through a long process every time you need to access something.
The second important factor is that your online community site should have a very simple signup process. The signup form should not ask you for too many details.
You should have the option to add your photo or image of your choice to your profile, which should be displayed along with your profile. This will help people recognize you faster as they may not be able to remember the profile names of all the people that they are interacting.
Your online community site should have a large membership. Poorly populated online communities can be boring because you may not be able to find people that share the same interests that easily. If the online community site should have a large membership, then it will be much easier to find people that share the same interests easily.
 The social networking sites or online community sites collect our contact details and basic information that are of personal nature. As they have all these vital information, they can easily spam our inboxes with marketing mails. There are number of online community websites already doing this. It is therefore important that the online community site that you are choosing does not spam you. They must have a privacy policy by which they should abide. The information that you are supplying them should not be misused. So make sure that you do not become a victim of spamming.
Above all, the online community site that you are using should be a safe website. Online security is very important and it should never be compromised. So pick an online community site that does not have any safety issues.
By paying attention to these basic factors, you will be able to easily identify a good online community site like USA Chat Now.


Today, online community sites or social networking sites are popular hangout places online. People spend lot of time in these community websites interacting with the other members. When we talk of online community sites, many of us tend to think that it is just for young people and college students. You just need to visit some of these online community sites to realize that it is not only young people and college students who are attracted to these community sites, but you can find all age groups and people from all types of backgrounds here. That is why online community sites are rich platforms for interaction with people from the different backgrounds and from different parts of the world.

Therefore, you too can benefit by joining these online community sites. How to find the right community website that matches your needs? When you are in the process of finding your community website, you must first decide how you would like to make use of the community website. You should also take into consideration your special interests. If you are interested in finding singles in your locality, you must find a community website that has a section for singles or dating. If you are interested in having online chat with people to spend some quality time sharing your views and interacting with people, then you must find a community website with chat interface.

You must also check what kind of memberships they offer. Some of them charge for using some of their services. Therefore, you must make sure whether you need to pay to use any of their features or services before signing up. However, most of the online community sites are free. They should have lot of registered users and only then, it will be interesting to use the social networking website. If they have very limited users then, it would be an indicator that the website is very unpopular. Registering in such websites will not give you enough chance to interact with others.

It is all the more better if the community website that you choose has online discussion forums where you can start initiating discussions on your favorite topics and get their opinion and ideas on the topic.

Another important factor to take into consideration is your privacy. The website that you select should not spam you. When we signup for a free account in these online community sites, we are expected to give our contact details while creating our profile and they should not take advantage of this and start pumping in spam mails. Some of the websites go one-step further and even sell our information third parties that are ready to pay a lot of money for such information. Therefore, you must join only those community websites that respect your privacy.

usachatnow.com has been created by users who are tired of dealing with community websites that spam their users. Therefore, you can be sure that your privacy will be respected here.

Making Friends Online
Posted February 4, 2009 by TearsAreFallen

Today we have many opportunities to meet people from different parts of the world. Previously we were limited to only interactions through phone, letters and personal contacts. We had to visit places of social interaction such as bars, clubs, social gatherings, dinners, etc. Today, that is not the case we can easily interact with rest of the world without having to leave our house. We can easily meet people online through the latest tools of the internet. Those who love interacting with others have unlimited opportunities for making friends.

If you are interested in making friends online, then you must first find the right website, which will permit you to interact with the other members freely. There are hundreds of social networking websites or community websites that allow you to do that. Though there are hundreds of social networking websites, not all of them are good. Some of them will have very poor membership; others will expect you to pay to make use of their services while others may not have an effective user interface.

If the community website that you are using does not have enough traffic or if it has very limited membership, then you will have tough time in making friends on such a website because you may not find anyone who shares the same interests. On the other hand when you find a community website like USAchatnow.com, with a heavy user traffic you can easily find someone who shares same interests and it is easy to make friends with such people rather than trying to connect to people who have nothing in common with you.

So the your starting point should be finding the best community websites. You can also start using the online forums in the social networking sites; this will help you become part of interesting discussions and debates online. By taking part in such forum discussions, you can become popular in the respective community site. This will also increase the chances of getting many new friends online as they try to get in touch with you.

When you are interested in making friends online, you must make sure that you are an active member of the community site to which you belong. If you are a silent spectator, you may not be able to make that many friends. On the other hand, when you start contributing in a positive way to the community sites, you will get more chances to interact with others.

It is rather easy to make friends online because even the most shy person can easily start a discussion with the other person because they do not have to meet the other person face to face. There are no limits to the number of online friends we have; however maintaining good rapport with them will be highly challenging. It will also be time consuming; if you are good at keeping in regular touch with your friends, you can easily build lasting friendships online. Your friendship with the other person also has a lot of possibilities of moving to the next level of relationship.