Posted January 7, 2010 by TearsAreFallen

Most people while making use of online chat rooms try to make use of a different name and sometimes even take a completely different identity. This is mainly to protect their privacy. No one likes to receive intrusive marketing calls that try to sell various products and services. Moreover, when we are interacting with others it is not possible to know what kind of people we are dealing with. Not everyone comes to online chat sites with good motives. Therefore, it is our responsibility to be cautious so that we do not subject ourselves to unnecessary complications.

One of the problems with taking on a different identity in free chat sites is that you cannot expect to establish any long term relationship with fake names and fake identity. No one likes to deal with shadows rather what everyone prefers is to deal with real people. If you want to build your own circle of friends in the chatting websites, you may have to share with your friends a certain amount of personal information so that the relationship will be little more meaningful. This may however take some time before you build trusting relationship with the other person.

Only when you are sure that the other person is safe to deal, you should share with them your personal information. It does not take long for us to identify whether someone is genuine or whether they are out there with some hidden agenda. You can find many good friends in these community websites and many people who are genuinely looking for friends and relationship. You must therefore take a balanced approach here so that your efforts to protect your privacy do not stop you from building good relationship online.

Many of these problems will be solved when you carefully choose your online chatting sites and your chat friends. Deal only with well established websites so that you can enjoy good service. Nonetheless, it is difficult to tell whether someone is genuine or not in the beginning. So you need to tread carefully without rushing to make decisions or sharing your personal information. Many people act impulsively in the chat rooms and regret later. No one can really compel you to share your personal contact information and if someone is trying to extract such information from you, then you should be cautious with such people. This does not mean that you cannot have fun in these chatting websites. There is unlimited fun awaiting you in these websites so do not miss any of it. However, you can spoil the fun for yourself by not being careful.

If you are planning to date someone that you find through the social networking site, you must share with them more information about yourself after establishing that they are genuine because if they find that you have been faking at a later stage, it can cause serious misunderstandings.

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