Posted November 11, 2011 by TearsAreFallen in Society
Hey members,
I am looking to actually get this community happening. Since we've started this community I really haven't had the time to monitor it or spend time getting it active. I think think community has alot of potential and to me it has better options then facebook and myspace. The only thing is I can't do it alone. So I am looking for a couple people that I feel can be trusted and everyone likes. Someone that is very social and actually enjoys it. Someone that can create blogs and forum posts to get people interested in commenting. Also able to come up with ideas. Idea's like games, maybe some events held in the chat rooms or keeping people interested staying logged in. I for one will start adding interesting things like blogs and etc. If this interests you and regulars can vouche for ya I would be willing to give a couple people lots more mod and special options to play with. If this interest you and you think you have what it takes email me @ Usachatnow@aol.com and let me know. When emailing me please put in the subject of the email interested in community!
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