Posted April 27, 2009 by TearsAreFallen

Advanced technology has introduced many kinds of facilities in our life that has increased the working efficiency of the people. This technological development has also improved the communication system and in the present century, it has become very easy for a person living in one corner of the earth to interact with a person living in another corner of the earth. This is possible with the developed facilities of the computer and the internet especially the free chat facility where a person uses the chat rooms to interact with the online community. These online chat rooms provide the facility of live chat divided into different categories like online chat rooms exclusively for singles chat, teen chat rooms where teen chat, and other types of chat rooms that helps people in making friends. Nevertheless, it is a fact that every aspect has two facets just as if the two faces of a coin if on one hand we get the facilities on the other hand there are people who misuse these facilities. This kind of misuse creates a bad impact, which is quite clear in the abusive use of the free chat facility where the miscreants use the chat rooms for interacting with the online community especially through live chat. These people mostly like making friends through online chat rooms and chat in singles chat or teen chat rooms by hiding their original identity and indulging in abusive chatting with the teenagers in teen chat. The method of dealing with abusive chat users in free online chat rooms depends on your position in relation to the online chat rooms. If you are a the victim then you have to take firm steps for dealing with these abusive chat users in your free online chat room. The first step that you must take to stop this unsocial practice is to warn the abusive chat users gently to stop such a kind of behavior. In spite of the warning if, they continue with their habit the best method is to ignore them with the help of the special software tools that are available and that are often built into the program. This method has proved to be very effective but there are people who are not able to give up their bad habit easily. In that kind of situation, you must immediately report the abusive chat users and try to get the webmasters take action against them by banning their access to the chat rooms so that they are not able to play the mischief and spoil the clean environment of the chat rooms. Let the clean environment of the chat rooms prevail where people come to chat in the online community so that they get the opportunity of making friends from different countries and regions and build up a healthy relationship. Due to the misuse of just a few antisocial elements the entire environment can be easily ruined.

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